Model United Nations arms members with the skills to work towards global nuclear disarmament


Armed with research and diplomacy skills, six students from St. Mary Academy – Bay View’s Upper School met to discuss the issue of nuclear proliferation and how it pertains to developed, developing and underdeveloped nations. These students are members of Bay View’s Model United Nations club, and they represented the countries of Russia, USA, France, China, North Korea and Pakistan. This “mini-conference” was a simulation of a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency. After an hour-and- a-half of heated discussion, the delegates worked together to draft a solution. The resolution included statements such as, “The United Nations supports a 3,000 nuclear weapon limit to be reached within 20 years of constant reduction by nations in violation of said limit,” and, “Following this twenty year period all nations will reduce their stockpiles by 10 percent per annum.” Next, the committee moved into voting procedure, and with a close vote of two in favor and three opposed, the resolution failed. Regardless, the students were able to practice their public speaking skills, debate a topic that is critical in today’s world and bring their passion for foreign policy outside of the classroom.


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