Many issues driven by opponents of Natural Law


What do pro-abortion legislation, same sex marriage laws, the legalization of marijuana, the promotion of transgendered bathrooms, and so many other destructive statutes involuntarily placed before the people have in common? A quick review of their authorship reveals the answer. Repeatedly, the same names surface attached to laws that a generation ago would have been inconceivable. More than a handful of agenda-driven, self-serving, self-preserving persons are changing the course of humanity in unnatural ways. What the next politically-correct cause will be, we can only imagine. Or can we?

Equally unimaginable is the frequency by which the opponents of Natural Law are re-elected to their respective offices. We are long past the point where we can blame them for the social degradation and the demise of our families. The blame does not fall on their supporters, the minority of voters who elect them every two years. The blame certainly does not rest on the victims of abortion or those struggling with addictive behaviors or gender identity issues. Responsibility must fall on the vast majority who do not bother to engage true representative candidates. Responsibility also is placed on those who allow the godless to seek office unchallenged year after year. As is the case in many moral causes, the apathetic are more responsible than the misguided.

All persons of good faith must be involved in our political system, in the words of Pope Francis, “no matter how dirty” it is. If we want more of the same, then we need do nothing. If the debauched representatives of the people are allowed to remain in their seats, we should be afraid, very afraid. If we truly want change, if we want God’s will, if we want Natural Law over flawed humanity, it may be long past the time to act — but it is not too late.


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