Long-awaited dedication and recital of Kegg organ lifts spirits and souls at Coventry Parish


The Covid-19 pandemic delayed the dedication of the new Kegg Organ at Our Lady of Czenstochowa Church, but on Sunday, May 7, the parish community celebrated together in a special recital. The first ever Kegg organ in New England, Opus 61, has been a beautiful new addition to the religious experience for parishioners.

The Kegg organ replaces the 1927 M.P. Möller organ that served the parish dutifully for more than 90 years.

“The pipe organ is a large machine that is also an artistic endeavor. It’s a mechanical work of art,” said Charles Kegg, president and artistic director of Kegg Pipe Organ Builders, who was present alongside Brian Mattias, parish organist and director of music.

Dr. John D. Schwandt, one of the most versatile and multifaceted artists in the organ world today, dedicated the organ, putting its 1,421 pipes to work in a beautiful performance for the more than 100 in attendance. The concert was followed by a dinner reception.

“Our biggest thanks is given to God for putting us together as a parish,” said Mattias. “It’s such a wonderful community. If you’re a part of it, you understand that. The hand of God was all over this project. This is a concert you’ll be telling your friends and families about for the rest of your life.”