Hendricken Receives Transformative Gift from a “Golden Hawk”


WARWICK — Retired orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Frank A. DeLucia, Bishop Hendricken Class of 1970, celebrated his 50th reunion by presenting his alma mater with one of the largest single gifts in the school's history. Inspired by the possibilities of Hendricken's Leadership Academy, Dr. DeLucia’s gift, totaling $430,000, will be used to renovate the school's Founders Hall, the meeting site of the Academy, and to endow scholarships for Leadership Academy students. Dr. DeLucia also generously donated to Hendricken’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund established to assist families affected by the pandemic. 

The redesigned multi-use facility, renamed the Dr. Frank A. DeLucia ’70 Pavilion, will feature updated technology, rolling workstations, charging stations, a sound system, and a Smart TV, all of which will enable the Leadership Academy to reach out to a worldwide audience to mentor and address Academy members.

Dr. DeLucia, a Georgetown University graduate who practiced orthopedic surgery in Jupiter, Florida for 30 years, learned about the Leadership Academy from its founder, Hendricken's Dean of Academics, Vincent Mancuso.  Launched in 2019, the Academy’s project-based curriculum is combined with the essential components of a Catholic education: to help students make connections between faith and reason, and to understand what gives their learning in the classroom meaning and context in daily life.

The Academy's focus on “Character Leadership” (Attitude, Preparation, Perseverance, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Empathy, and Ethics) which then evolves into “Organizational Leadership,” inspired Dr. DeLucia to put his faith and his resources back into the high school that instilled in him the desire help others.

Dr. DeLucia cited three reasons for his elevated support of Bishop Hendricken: "First, I wanted to say thank you. I often say thank you to Bishop Hendricken under my breath for all the school has done for me. Secondly, I wanted to say congratulations. I particularly wanted to congratulate the students in the Leadership Academy for taking a leap of faith on a work in progress and adding a 7:45 am class to their already packed schedules.  I also wanted to congratulate and reward Hendricken's administration for recognizing the importance of servant leadership. That speaks volumes to me. Lastly, I wanted to present an expectation for the kids in the Leadership Academy. They may be smart, but internal motivation will be their engine.  I want the students to know that someone is behind them, but also want to hold them accountable."

"The bottom line is I'm optimistic about these kids and their potential.  There are not many Leadership Academies like this in the country and I believe this small little diamond at Hendricken can change everything for these young men,” he added.  “Maybe we will produce some thoughtful, successful, ethical leaders, but we can only do it with a great program in place. How lucky am I to be able to be a part of it?"

Learn more about the Leadership Academy:  www.hendricken.com/bhla