Haunted Labyrinth presents 'Isle of Dread'


 The Haunted Labyrinth presents, “Isle of Dread,” for their 2022 season of scares. The faith-based non-profit, run entirely by adult and youth volunteers at the Rejoice in Hope Youth Center, 804 Dyer Ave., Cranston, is open weekends from 7 – 10 p.m., throughout October and Halloween night. The Haunted Labyrinth is the longest-running haunted house in New England and began with the goal of encouraging leadership and ministry while providing a fun attraction to the public. Each year, hundreds of youth and adults from parishes within the Diocese of Providence have participated in this unique project, assisting with design, building and performance. But, for the Haunted Labyrinth leadership, the priority is placed on more Bible than “boos.” Before the line of eager patrons begins forming outside of the Haunted Labyrinth, 50-70 volunteers, depending on the night, are busy putting the finishing touches on their costumes and taking time for prayer and reflection. The Haunted Labyrinth offers a chance for many of the teenagers to learn about aspects of the Catholic faith. For the many volunteers who have returned inspired and excited each year, the Haunted Labyrinth has offered the youth an opportunity to use their gifts, talents and creative energy in a positive, productive and fun way. Visit www.hauntedlabyrinth.com for more information.