God Has Great Expectations


From the beginning of time, God had in his mind a woman who was the model of perfection that would become the instrument through which He would bring Heaven down to earth. God chose Mary to be the God-bearer who, through her fiat, allowed our blessed Lord Jesus Christ to enter into time through the means of her immaculate human nature. He also chose Joseph to be the husband of Mary and foster father of Our Lord. The idea of family in God’s mind was always between a mother and father with children being the fruit of their union.

This idea of family has been rejected by society and culture as a whole, especially in the recent actions of a Los Angeles comedian who created a nativity scene in their yard featuring two St. Joseph statues clad in pink robes with no Virgin Mary present. This distortion and sacrilege of the truth of God’s plan for salvation reminds us that we continually need God’s saving grace.

As the Advent season begins, we are reminded of the great mystery of Salvation through Jesus Christ. The new liturgical year reminds us to prepare the Way of the Lord through confession and penance as well as praying for God’s grace to fill our hearts and strengthen our resolve to become more like him. From the cries of repentance by John the Baptist in the desert to kneeling before the crib of Christ, we are led to seek the Lord humbly following the light of the Holy Spirit. Our Lord is not to be found in the discourses of politics or fads of the day, but in the silence of a manger beneath the stars.