Father John Devaney, O.P., installed as Pastor of St. Pius V


On Sunday, Feb. 18, Father John Marie Devaney, O.P., was installed as the pastor of St. Pius V parish in Providence by Bishop Richard G. Henning. The Mass was attended by the parishioners of Pius V, as well as the teachers and students of the Pius V school and local clergy of the Dominican Order. In his homily, Bishop Henning pointed out an important yet often overlooked detail of the Biblical narrative of salvation, which was presented in the image of the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1. The Garden, Bishop Henning noted, was a symbol for how everything humans have is a gift from God, yet these gifts require us to cooperate with God in order to bring about their proper spiritual fruit. Applying this to the ministry, Bishop Henning said, “This is your garden. This is the way in which the Lord now calls you to participate in his work of healing and reconciliation. You are to prepare the ground by planting the seed of faith. You are to nourish those sprouts of life. You are to be present to your people, cultivate that relationship with God and with one another in the communion of the Church.” Following the Mass, Father Devaney said, “The parish is yours, and I have the honor now of being its shepherd. I will pray for you. I ask that you pray for me.”