Celebrating cultural diversity at St. Rays


Saint Raphael Academy, Pawtucket, recently held a celebration of the diverse ethnicity of its student body with a cultures pep rally. The event was planned by the SRA Cultures (Saints Respects All Cultures) Club. The event began in prayer, followed by a “world cup” fútbol tournament, trivia contest and a “parade of flags” with cultural dress and music. At the end of the pep rally, students could purchase ethnic treats at a bake sale. Treats were made and donated by faculty and students. SRA Cultures Club started in 2019, when this year’s senior class were freshmen. Plans were underway to create and host a large event that the entire Saints community could participate in and celebrate its diverse ethnic makeup. The SRA Cultures Club purchased nearly 60 flags to display along the north wall of Alumni Hall, and they will permanently remain as a reminder of Saints’ diversity and that all are one as a Saints community.