Catholic Schools offer Balanced Educational Goals


The beginning of September signals the end of summer and ushers in the new school year. Many young boys and girls have had a restful break and are eager to start school again and continue their studies and extracurricular activities. Catholic schools in particular prepare their students to be ready for the new school year through summer reading assignments as well as special projects in order to broaden their educational opportunities. Children usually begin going to a Catholic school in kindergarten and then move up into the elementary grades. After elementary school many children continue on into the Catholic High Schools in order to advance in their studies and oftentimes with the friends they made during their past few years.

There are many advantages that accompany a Catholic School education such as smaller classrooms, more discipline and exposure to the Catholic faith on a daily basis. The Catholic Church wants educate children so that they develop physically, socially, morally, emotionally and spiritually. Human beings need especially the spiritual component in their lives because ultimately, our salvation depends on knowing Jesus and what he did for us. This is the foundation on which all education must be based, because during their lives, these children will face the trials and temptations of the world.

A good solid Catholic education will supply these children with the tools and knowledge that will help them to be successful not only in life, but also prepare them to sanctify their lives, their workplaces and their homes. Catholic schools need to be supported if we desire to make a better future for our children and our nation.