Catholic Communications helping community stay spiritually connected through pandemic


PROVIDENCE — When the coronavirus pandemic caused local churches to close for public worship for nearly two months, there was an immediate need to keep the faithful of the Diocese of Providence spiritually connected while socially distant.
The diocesan Office of Communications responded to the limitations the coronavirus placed on the community by immediately collecting and sharing an up-to-date schedule of televised and live-streamed Masses in the diocese and beyond.
The office also produced faith-filled videos in multiple languages on how to make a Spiritual Communion, worked with local affiliates to livestream and broadcast Easter Mass with Bishop Thomas J. Tobin from the Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul, and sent out weekly eNewsbulletins packed with links to valuable resources — including how to receive needed assistance and domestic violence resources. The eNewsbulletins also highlighted Rhode Island Catholic news, video messages from Bishop Tobin, guidelines for returning to public worship and more.
These are just a few examples of why the annual Catholic Communication Campaign is important now more than ever. Donations to the Catholic Communication Campaign directly support national and local initiatives that help Church communicators connect your world with God’s word through a variety of media platforms.
“As the coronavirus pandemic forced the faithful to remain apart, the Office of Communications had a responsibility to ensure we were all still together albeit in a different way,” said Carolyn Cronin, director of the diocesan Office of Communications. “We are very grateful for the support we have received and we hope that we can count on the faithful to once again help us in our mission to share the Good News and Gospel message through a variety of platforms during this unprecedented time.”
Though we've had to be socially distant, Catholic Communication has kept faithful spiritually connected.
A donation to the campaign, no matter how small, helps the local Communications Office continue to share these important resources., with 50% of the funds raised staying in the Diocese of Providence, with the other 50% supporting national communications efforts as well as projects in developing countries.

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