Catholic Charity Appeal surpasses $7 million goal for third consecutive year


PROVIDENCE — For the third consecutive year, the annual Catholic Charity Appeal in the Diocese of Providence has surpassed 100% of its goal, garnering $7.3 million in pledges so far, and is on pace to reach 105% of its $7 million goal for 2024. In 2022, the Appeal reached 102% of goal, and 105% in 2023.
“I am most pleased with the appeal. I have learned that Rhode Islanders are generous people in their hospitality to friends and guests and in their commitment to the community,” said Bishop Richard G. Henning.
“I also see the response to the appeal as a tribute to the good work of our pastors and priests in the parishes. The staff at the diocese and parish staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly for the appeal. I am grateful to our benefactors and to all those who work for this result.”
The diocesan shepherd said he’s very proud of the great work being done throughout the year across the diocese through its many outreach ministries.
“Over the last year I have seen so many of those ministries ‘up close and personal,’” Bishop Henning said. “It is good to see generosity turn into results and the appeal is just another reason why I live in the State of Hope.”
The Catholic Charity Appeal, in its 99th year in the diocese, supports numerous ministries and programs providing social, educational and spiritual support to thousands of Rhode Islanders each year, such as social service ministries providing direct support to the poor, the hungry and homeless; emergency rent and medical aid; chaplaincy at state hospitals and prisons; support for vocations and seminarians, as well as for the Mother of Hope Youth Summer Camp in Chepachet; and faith formation and marriage preparation courses.
The funding also provides support for Special Religious Education (SPRED) for those with disabilities and financial and scholarship aid to students with financial need to attend Rhode Island Catholic schools.
As of June 6, 53 parishes have reached or exceeded 100% of their goal for the campaign, according to the Office of Stewardship and Development, which expects that number to reach 60 by June 30, when the Appeal closes. Last year, there were 62 parishes that reached 100% of their goal.
Five parishes highlighted by the Office of Stewardship as having met the highest percentage of their goal are: St. Raymond in Providence (241% of goal); Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Bristol (151%); St. John Vianney in Cumberland (148%); St. Joseph in West Warwick (143%); and St. Mark in Jamestown (138%), with the highest single amount raised in any single parish being at Our Lady of Mercy in East Greenwich ($257,000).

“We count on our pastors to lead the Catholic Charity Appeal in each parish, along with their volunteer chairpersons,” said Tim McCaig, director of the Office of Stewardship and Development.
“The pastors, chairpersons, volunteers and parish staff members did an amazing job again this year. The faithful of the diocese were extremely generous.”
McCaig said that approximately 36% of people that gave in 2023 increased their donation in 2024, which tells us that people really value the ministries and programs of the diocese.
He reported that more than $6.4 million of the $7.3 million pledged and one-time gifts for this campaign has been received. More than 18,000 donors have contributed, with the average gift being $401.
“This was Bishop Henning’s first year with the Catholic Charity Appeal, and we are most grateful to him for his leadership, guidance and support,” McCaig said.
He noted that over the past three years, and the episcopacies of Bishop Emeritus Thomas J. Tobin and Bishop Henning, the Appeal has consistently surpassed its annual $7 million goals.

If you would like to help your parish reach its goal before June 30, visit to make a donation.