Catholic Charity Appeal surpasses $4 Million

Despite Pandemic, the generosity continues


PROVIDENCE — Thanks to the generosity of more than 14,000 donors, the Catholic Charity Appeal has surpassed $4 Million — steadily climbing toward its goal this year of $7.3 million.
Because of continued donations to the appeal, the Diocese of Providence is able to support numerous ministries and programs that provide social, educational and spiritual support to thousands throughout the Ocean State.
This generosity is a reflection of knowledge that the appeal truly helps others, that the impact is real, said Timothy McCaig, director of the Office of Stewardship and Development, who added that with their gifts, donors know that they are helping people in tangible ways.
“I think that people are so connected to the good work of the appeal, knowing that it helps real people. To have surpassed $4 million at this point demonstrates the generosity of our donors in the diocese. Even during a difficult time, 14,000 people have said yes to supporting these essential causes and the work of the Church.”
McCaig added that the diocese is inspired by the support they continue to receive each and every day.
“We receive checks every day and the gifts continue to come in. We are hoping to surpass our next milestone of $5 million in the near future.”
Even during a pandemic, these diocesan ministries and programs have continued to serve thousands of families, children and individuals of all faiths here in Rhode Island.
Whether it be offering spiritual and emotional support to those facing addiction through the diocesan St. Matthias Ministry; providing new mothers with essential items to take care of their newborns through St. Gabriel’s Call; or providing safe shelter and resources for the homeless at Emmanuel House — donations to the Catholic Charity Appeal directly support people in need.
“Their dollars are put to work on the front lines of this pandemic through various ministries through Catholic Social Services,” explained McCaig.
A Catholic Charities Parish In-Pew Appeal is scheduled to take place in all parishes in the Diocese of Providence on the weekend of Sept. 12-13.
“This will provide parishioners a designated date to give their gift at Mass which has always been an integral part of the appeal.”
Parishioners don’t have to wait until that weekend to participate. They can always donate by visiting
From a parish perspective, McCaig explained that there are currently 15 parishes that have reached more than 75% of their goal, including two that have exceeded their goal: St. Catherine Parish in Warwick and St. Luke in Barrington.
“It all comes back to the personal helping and lending of a hand to someone in need, which is the essential tenet of the Catholic Charity Appeal and the charitable works of the Church,” said McCaig. “We are encouraged by the response to the work that we’re doing and we are so grateful to the people that make it happen through their financial support.”


If you are financially able, please consider making a donation online by visiting or by texting the word “Appeal” to 401-496-9889.
Your gift will immediately make a positive impact in the lives of your neighbors in need.