Carmelite Sisters grateful for all the support they received through the years



I just read your article in the R.I. Catholic about our monastery and the distribution of things we had to leave behind. It is a great consolation to know that parishes and social service agencies, religious communities and immigrants seeking new housing, and even communities in foreign countries have graciously received what was offered to them. We are especially grateful to Msgr. Albert Kenney who coordinated all the efforts to make this happen and for the local priests who celebrated Mass with us many times in the past for being so thoughtful and caring about our monastery, the property and the Sisters.
From a distance we continue to support the Diocese of Providence with our prayers for the priests, parishes, schools and universities, programs for the poor, the homeless, those suffering from illnesses or addictions, the elderly and immigrants. All the people involved in these experiences can be assured that our prayers go with them — and remain before God for them.
Leaving the monastery was something totally unexpected — but the journey to God can never be static or uneventful. As Jesus journeyed throughout the Holy Land, he walked the paths of the people, attentive to their needs and hopes. We who choose to follow in his footsteps carry the burdens of each other. We rejoice in all the good we encountered, and offer prayers for blessings and love as we continue our spiritual journey on earth.
May I just add that the ‘walking’ may take place in the inner being of our soul — our ‘feet’ may be the heart’s reception to what is encountered — the ‘lighter step’ may be the out-reached hand of a stranger helping us along the way. The ‘monastery’ may be the sacred place, internally or externally, where we encounter the ‘holy,’ the holiness of God wherever we are in that moment. And the Cross will be part of it all as it leads to “resurrection moments” on the journey.
Thank you for printing this in response to your wonderful article and in gratitude for all who helped us now and throughout the years.

Sister Sue Lumb and the members of the Carmelite community


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