Bishop to principals, administrators: Show students a better, faith-filled vision of life than what culture offers


On Monday, August 19, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin greeted and offered Holy Mass at Saints John and Paul Church, Coventry, for the leaders of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Providence.

He thanked them for their generous service and prayed that the new school year will be safe, successful, enjoyable — and holy.

“It is your mission as Catholic educators and administrators, and with your teachers and your faculty, to offer to young people a different and better vision of life of that which the culture offers to us,” said Bishop Tobin. “It is your task to make our Catholic faith intelligible and valuable. To give students a reason to believe in God. To give students a reason to understand why their faith is so important for them. To help them understand that their Catholic faith will be the strong foundation of their lives for which they will build the rest of their lives. To help them understand that their Catholic faith is the North Star that gives them sure direction when everything else in this life, everything else in the world is changeable and in turmoil. Faith is the star that leads them to the truth. The timeless, unchanging truth.”