A celebration of love and marriage

More than 200 couples renew their vows in annual Wedding Anniversary Mass at cathedral


PROVIDENCE — In any marriage, a couple will experience joys, sufferings, milestones, setbacks, happiness and sorrow.


“That’s part of everyone’s life, isn’t it?” Bishop Thomas J. Tobin said to more than 200 married couples who are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.

In his homily during the annual special Wedding Anniversary Mass, held Sept. 25 at the Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul, Bishop Tobin stressed the foundation of faith and hope that have enabled the couples — whether they were celebrating 25, 50 or 70 years of marriage — to live out their marriage vows faithfully.

Said the bishop, “It strikes me the passage of years, whether it’s 15 or 70, has given you a certain wisdom about life, a certain perspective about life, so that you can see how everything has come together for you.”

The institution of marriage has been shaken over the last 40 to 50 years by societal trends that include no-fault divorce, an increase in cohabitation, fewer couples getting married, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in 2015 that redefined marriage in civil law to include same-sex unions.

Statistics provided by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops reflect those trends. The American divorce rate is nearly twice what it was in 1960, and current estimates suggest that 40 to 50 percent of recent marriages will end in separation prior to the death of either spouse.

Fewer people are also getting married. There has been a decline of more than 50 percent since 1970 in the annual number of marriages in every 1,000 unmarried adult women. And people who are getting married are doing so later in life. The median age of those married for the first time is 28.3 for men and 25.8 in women. In 1960, the median age was 23 for men and 20 for women.

The example of the 212 couples and their relatives who packed the cathedral for the anniversary Mass spoke to the beauty of the Church’s teachings on marriage and family, including the several dozen couples who have been married 50 years and longer.

Two couples — William and Josephine Elliano of St. Mary Church in Cranston, and Nicola and Santa Mainelli of St. Pius V Church in Providence — celebrated 72 years of marriage.

“We’re so grateful for your witness to fidelity and love,” said Bishop Tobin, who commended the couples for serving as “wonderful examples of strong, successful and loving marriages.”

The special liturgy also included a renewal of wedding vows. Each husband and wife pledged to renew their love and commitment to their spouse, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death.

Prior to the anniversary Mass, some of the couples expressed appreciation for the opportunity to renew their vows and for the diocese for honoring their marriages.

“The yearly anniversary Mass celebrated at the cathedral by Most Rev. Bishop Tobin is a tribute not only to the many long-term married couples that attend, but to marriage itself as a sacrament recognized and supported by the diocesan family,” said Richard and Suzanne Lachappelle, parishioners of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus Church in Harrisville. They celebrated 50 years of marriage.

“My husband and I feel very fortunate to be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary at this special Mass in the beautiful Cathedral of SS. Peter and Paul along with so many other couples from throughout the diocese,” said Mark and Michele Foster, parishioners of St. Mark Church in Cranston.

“We are very happy to be participating in the wedding anniversary celebration today and look forward to renewing in the presence of our children the sacred vows we took 50 years ago at Our Lady of Grace Church,” said Joseph and Lillian McIntyre, parishioners of Saint Philip Church in Greenville.

In his homily, Bishop Tobin quoted Pope Francis, who wrote in Amoris Laetitia that the Lord’s presence “dwells in real and concrete families, with all their day-to-day troubles and struggles, joys and hopes.”

“God has made his dwelling place with you,” Bishop Tobin said.

After the Mass, Mario and Veronica Casinelli — parishioners of Immaculate Conception Church in Cranston celebrating 68 years of marriage — divulged their secrets to a long marriage: “Never go to bed angry at night, talk about things, and count your blessings.”

Joseph and Lois Petruccillo, parishioners of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in North Providence, celebrated 50 years of marriage. Asked for her insights to a healthy marriage, Lois said: “I just love him, and he loves me, through all the struggles. And our faith is very important.”

Joseph Petruccillo added: “You have to understand that you have weaknesses and your partner has weaknesses. You have to put all that aside and renew your love and trust. That ties everything together.”



Walter & Ann Adamowicz Saint Luke Church 60

Joesph & Lois Lombardi Saint Luke Church 55

Clay & Ann Marie Beccue Saint Luke Church 40

Scott & Pamela Fuller Saint Luke Church 40

William & Mary Hanley Saint Luke Church 40

George & Maureen Neubauer Saint Luke Church 40

Christopher & Lori Brindamour Saint Luke Church 25

Scott & Susanne MacKinnon Saint Luke Church 25

Daniel & Jeanine McConaghy Saint Luke Church 25


Antonio & Mary Andrade Saint Elizabeth Church 50

Antonio & Delfina DoSouto Saint Elizabeth Church 50

Richard & Francine Sousa Saint Elizabeth Church 50

Ernesto & Maria Jose DeFreitas Saint Elizabeth Church 40

John & Nelia Milhomens Saint Elizabeth Church 25

Roger & Dorothy Wilson Saint Elizabeth Church 25

John & Dolores Salesses Saint Mary Church 62

Stanley & Jane Piktel Saint Mary Church 60

Dale & Lynn Wainwright Saint Mary Church 25

Albert & Ann King Saint Mary Church Carolina 64


Guy & Suzanne Genesse Holy Spirit Church Central Falls 57

Rajmund & Irene Sekulski Saint Joseph Church Central Falls 25


Ernest & Barbara Cotnoir Saint Vincent de Paul Church 60

Henry & Marie Lozier Saint Vincent de Paul Church 56

Paul & Lea Ellen Schroeder Saint Vincent de Paul Church 55

Richard & Elena Altrui Saint Vincent de Paul Church 54

Robert A. & Mary Lou DiPadua Saint Vincent de Paul Church 53

Richard & Shirley Larmer SS. John & Paul Church 60

Howard & Carolyn Faunce SS. John & Paul Church 50

David & Patricia Dowling SS. John & Paul Church 25


James & Cheryl Chrones Holy Apostles Church 25

James & Debra Rocchio Holy Apostles Church 25

Mario & Veronica M. Casinelli Jr. Immaculate Conception Church 68

Richard & Sandra DelSesto Immaculate Conception Church 50

Michael & Marilyn Doran Immaculate Conception Church 50

Gilles & Celia Roch Immaculate Conception Church 50

Louis & Judith Faraone Immaculate Conception Church 25

Murray & Lucille Dessler Immaculate Conception Church 60

Joseph & Natalie Migneault Saint Mark Church 59

William & Gloria Laurie Saint Mark Church 55

Nicholas & Elizabeth Spolidoro Saint Mark Church 50

Rene & Mary Ellen Boucher Saint Mark Church 40

Mark & Michelle Foster Saint Mark Church 40

William & Josephine Elliano Saint Mary Church 72

Domenic & Paula Coro Saint Mary Church 30

William & Deborah Girard Saint Mary Church 25

Kevin & Kathleen Mangan Saint Paul Church 59


Adelino & Maria Andrade Our Lady of Fatima Church 40

Harvey & Doris Gauthier Saint Aidan Church 57

Domenic & Sandra Boragine Saint Aidan Church 50

Robert & Virginia Jones Saint Aidan Church 50

Ronald & Annette Bachand Saint Aidan Church 40

John & Kathleen Bociek Saint Joan of Arc Church 40

Richard & Patricia Pelletier Saint John Vianney Church 60

Jack & Kathy Austin Saint John Vianney Church 50

Gerard & Denise Lamarsh Saint John Vianney Church 50

John & Theresa MacQueen Saint John Vianney Church 50

Richard & Paulette Masnyk Saint John Vianney Church 50

Gene & Kathy Berthiaume Saint John Vianney Church 40

Edward & Dalia Bubnys Saint John Vianney Church 25

Thomas & Lois Schillinger Saint Joseph Church 55

William & Rose Ann Zywiak Saint Joseph Church 25


Paul & Camille Mangiameli Our Lady of Mercy Church 40

Richard & Claudette Raposa Our Lady of Mercy Church 50


Victor & Evelyn Almonte Saint Brendan Church 40

Carl & Helen Sorrentino Saint Brendan Church 40

Michael & Martha DeAngelis Saint Brendan Church 25

George & Tamara Primmer Saint Brendan Church 25

Manuel & Bernardete Garcia Saint Francis Xavier Church 50

Mariano & Valdemira Ferreira Saint Francis Xavier Church 40

Manuel J. & Lucilia L. Sousa Saint Francis Xavier Church 40

Carl JoAnne & LaPietra Saint Francis Xavier Church 25

David & Nelia LePage Saint Francis Xavier Church 25

James & Anne Conlon Saint Margaret Church 50

Manuel & Emily Alvernaz Saint Margaret Church 25

Joseph & Evelyn DiRobbio Saint Martha Church 65

Philip & Patricia Abbatomarco Saint Martha Church 57

David & Isabel Christie Saint Martha Church 25


Ronald & Judi DeFrancesco Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Church 50

Ward & Mary Beth McKenna Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Church 25


Joseph & Lillian McIntyre Saint Philip Church 50


James & Diane Hagerty Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus Church 50

Richard & Suzanne Lachapelle Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus Church 50

Arthur & Donna Armstrong Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus Church 40

Thomas & Diane Emidy Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus Church 40


Salvatore & Joanne Neri Saint Joseph Church 50

Roland & Gloria Beliveau Saint Joseph Church 25


Michael & Carol Consiglio Saint Robert Bellarmine Church 50

Carmine & Celia Perrotti Saint Rocco Church 64

Rudolph & Alesandra Branca Sr. Saint Rocco Church 50

Salvatore & Irene Salvo Saint Rocco Church 50

Stephen & Marianne Martin Saint Rocco Church 40


Jerry & Jeanne Choiniere Saint Ambrose Church 61

Timothy & Pauline Bellamy Saint Ambrose Church 40

Gerald & Irene Carney Saint Jude Church 60

Robert & Jeanne Cote Saint Jude Church 55

Walter & Maria Wilk Saint Jude Church 55

Gerald & Cheryl Dupont Saint Jude Church 40

Steven & Yolanda Andrews Saint Jude Church 25

Pierre & Simone Dupuis Saint Jude Church 25

Richard & Theresa Fournier Saint Jude Church 25


Joseph & Dawn Maiato Saint Catherine of Siena Church 25


Henry & Jeannette Picard Our Lady of Good Help Church Mapleville 66


John & Lorraine Jennings Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church 50

William & Margaret Minnick Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church 50

Edward & Carol Shunney Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church 50

George & Kathleen Curtis Saint Mary Star of the Sea Church 40

Albert & Barbara Loffredi Saint Thomas More Church 50


Hugo & Serafina Deascentis Jesus Saviour Church 69

Joseph & William Ann I. Flynn Saint Augustin Church 50


Victor & Edith D'Alfonso Saint Bernard Church 69

William & Barbara Arnold Saint Bernard Church 59

Fenwick & Jean Palazzo Saint Bernard Church 59

Edward & Carolyn Field Saint Francis de Sales Church 50

Joseph & Catherine Piscatelli Saint Francis de Sales Church 50

Raymond M. & Meredith Rugg Saint Francis de Sales Church 50


William & Carol Bak Mary Mother of Mankind Church 50

Valentino & Linda Lombardi Mary Mother of Mankind Church 50

Anthony & Cynthia Marciano Presentation of the BVM Church 50

Joseph & Lois Petruccillo Presentation of the BVM Church 50


Robert & Carolyn Sieckiewicz Saint Joseph Church 50

Joseph & Diane Hopkins Saint Joseph Church 25


James A. & Jean F. Hoppe Saint Joseph Church 50

John & Suzanne Lynes Saint Joseph Church 50


Eduardo & Ines Soares Saint Anthony Church 50

Albano & Maria Carvalho Saint Anthony Church 40

Raymond & Suzana Chaput Saint Anthony Church 40

James & Janice Russell Saint John Paul II Church 50

Conrado & Ana Mosquera Saint John the Baptist Church 25

Hector M. & Adriana M. Munoz Saint John the Baptist Church 25

Arthur & Katharine Kelley Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus Church 60

David & Virginia Casey Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus Church 50

Edmond & Jacqueline Heroux Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus Church 50

Charles M. & Valerie A. Hannigan Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus Church 25


Thomas & Karen Anderson Saint Thecla Church 50


Manfred & Judith Vasiliauskas Our Lady of the Rosary Church 50

James M. & Alice D. Sloan III Saint Augustine Church 62

John & Frances Taylor Saint Augustine Church 56

Louis & Elizabeth Bisci Saint Augustine Church 51

James & Maryann Adamo Saint Augustine Church 50

Charles & Ivy Duffy Saint Augustine Church 50

Alfred & Irene Ventresca Saint Augustine Church 50

Thomas & Debra Geary Saint Augustine Church 40

Antimo & Rosalie D'Agostino Saint Bartholomew Church 62

Michael R. & Dolores A. Mancini Saint Bartholomew Church 56

Vincent & Carol Branca Saint Bartholomew Church 51

Jose & Maria Payano Saint Michael the Archangel Church 40

Kenneth & Marion O'Grady Saint Patrick Church 50

Nicola & Santa Mainelli Saint Pius V Church 72

Dennis & Elizabeth Hughes Saint Pius V Church 50

Mel & Catherine Lynch Saint Pius V Church 50

James & Marlene McDonald Saint Pius V Church 50

Deacon & Mrs. Jimmie Patricia Owen Saint Pius V Church 50

Daniel & Jayne Cahill Saint Raymond Church 40


Andre E. & Aline L. Allard Saint John the Evangelist Church 60

Michael & Marguerite Flynn Saint John the Evangelist Church 40

Daniel & Michelle Taylor Saint John the Evangelist Church 25


Kevin & Ann Cote Saint Michael Church 25


Henry & Corrine Lecomte Holy Ghost Church 50


Charles & Susan Sherman Our Lady of Lourdes Church 25


Edward & Kathleen Puchalla Saint Francis of Assisi Church 50


Antonio & Zita Melo Saint Mary of the Bay Church 50

Timothy & Anne Bulin Saint Mary of the Bay Church 25

David & Pauline Massed Loren Saint Mary of the Bay Church 25


Michael Leo & Jane Ann Moriarty Saint Benedict Church 50

Kenneth Christine McCarthy Saint Francis of Assisi Church 25

Robert & Nancy Lemoi Saint Gregory the Great Church 50

Robert & Donna Sawyer Saint Gregory the Great Church 50

Kenneth & Kathleen Conti Saint Kevin Church 40

Thomas & Janet Powers Saint Peter Church 40

David & Janet Gagnon Saint Rita Church 57

David & Cheryl Picard Saint Rita Church 28

Salvatore & Pauline Catanese Saint Timothy Church 68

Clarence & Mary Barrow Saint Timothy Church 64

Salvatore Evelyn Raspallo Saint Timothy Church 59

Robert Marjorie Tracy Saint William Church 50

Harold Patricia Blanding SS. Rose & Clement Church 67

Owen Teresa Mahony SS. Rose & Clement Church 64

Norman Janice Dyer SS. Rose & Clement Church 60

Edmund Barbara Gilmartin SS. Rose & Clement Church 60

Thomas Eleanor Chadronet SS. Rose & Clement Church 56

Anthony Mary DiSara SS. Rose & Clement Church 55

John Carolyn Wheeler SS. Rose & Clement Church 55

Hugh Cecile Houston SS. Rose & Clement Church 50

Robert Leslie Baxter SS. Rose & Clement Church 25


John Barbara D'Arezzo Sacred Heart Church 65

George Carolyn Fusco Sacred Heart Church 50


William Anne Holland Saint Clare Church 60

Kenneth Joan Swain Saint Clare Church 55

James Judith Beal Saint Clare Church 50

Kenneth Lillian Devine Saint Clare Church 50

Joseph J. Angelina T. Iacoi Saint Clare Church 40

Robert Lynn Piola Saint Clare Church 40

James Patricia Romanella Saint Clare Church 40

Geoffrey Elizabeth Serra Saint Clare Church 40

Joseph Jodi Walker Saint Clare Church 25

Philip Joan Gately Saint Pius X Church 63


Pierre Rita Aucoin All Saints Church 65

Kenneth Gloria DeCubellis All Saints Church 50

David Judith Gaulin All Saints Church 25

Walter Rita Pristawa Saint Agatha Church 50

Stephen Ann Van Orsouw Saint Agatha Church 25

Dennis Dolores Berard Saint Joseph Church 50

Richard Diane Grenon Saint Joseph Church 50



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