What’s this? A priestly worldwide...Podcast?


TIVERTON — People around the globe can now hear the inspiring words of Father Jay Finelli thanks to the Internet and modern technology.

Father Finelli, pastor of Holy Ghost Church, is well known for his knowledge of computers. The priest began recording Catholic-themed Podcasts — an Internet form of radio show — in 2005 under the name of iPadre. He initially produced two broadcasts that year, and created a weekly show this past fall.

A Podcast is a digital media file, or a series of such files, that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on personal media players (such as iPods) and personal computers.

On December 24, the iPadre Catholic Podcast became an affiliate of SQPN, the Star Quest Podcast Network, an international Catholic Internet Podcast site. Unlike conventional radio shows, which are broadcast at a set time, Podcasts can be downloaded and played at any time, even while a listener is jogging or shopping in the supermarket.

Father Finelli records the broadcasts on Sunday evenings, and the programs can be downloaded to a computer or other mp3 player, like an iPod, a few hours later.

“I talk about issues of faith,”?Father Finelli said, noting that the broadcasts last about a half hour. He added that in some Podcasts, he has included “soundseeing tours” of Assisi, Rome and Medjugorje, where he provides commentary describing the sites that are being visited. Some Podcasts also include interviews with special guests chosen to discuss a relevant topic such as vocations.

Father Finelli said the goal is to reach out to listeners and offer an interesting presentation of the Gospel message.

The priest noted that he’s heard from listeners from as far away as Zagreb, Croatia, as well as several states. Respondents have written to him about their return to the church and to the sacrament of reconciliation, while non-Catholic listeners have expressed a desire to learn more about the Catholic Church and the search for truth.

The technology-savvy priest noted that his audience has climbed steadily since he started broadcasting. The broadcasts now attract more than 800 listeners each week.

For more information or to hear one of Father Finelli’s Podcasts, visit www.iPadre.net.