Verbum Domini
Verbum Domini
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The Sanhedrin had a tough time. Everything blew-up in their faces. They repeatedly tried to crush the Gospel, but it only spread further. Their fight with God was like throwing water on a grease fire. Trying to put it out, it only burned hotter. more
Peace is too narrowly defined as “the freedom from or the cessation of war or violence” (Webster). According to this definition, a removal of forces secures peace. When violence is squelched, or war staved off, we call that peace. This defines peace by what it is not; it is the lack of disturbances. But there is a richer perspective. more
Truth is stunning. Sometimes it is shocking and overwhelming. Often it takes us a bit of time to adjust to truth, like emerging from a movie theater to the bright light of day. more
We are all familiar with these words, “My name is _____, and I’m an alcoholic.” Whether from movies, television, or real-world experience, we all know something about the recovery of alcoholics. We know that first step is to admit the problem. This is true with all rehabilitation. For any vice or fault in our lives, the road to recovery begins with acknowledging the disorder. more
Humanity has “passed the buck” since the Fall. The blame game started with Adam and Eve. When God questioned Adam, Adam pointed to Eve: “She gave me the fruit from the tree.” Eve, in turn, pointed to the serpent: “the serpent tricked me into it.” And the long history of recrimination goes on from there. more
What inspires the deepest repentance? Is it fear or love? Is it the terror and threat of punishment, or a generous and unmerited charity, that best pierces the heart and brings forth conversion? more
We hear of two strange plants this weekend: a burning bush and a fruitless fig tree. more
The word “exodus” conjures thoughts of the Israelites in bondage, Moses’ battle with Pharaoh, and the 10 plagues. We think of the Passover, Israel’s escape and the parting of the Red Sea. Formed from the prefix “out of” (ex) and the Greek word for “way” (hodos), exodus means the way out, or going forth. Israel’s exodus from Egypt is the most well-known. But there is another biblical exodus. more
Our tastes change. As children, we wanted desert before dinner. Some dinners we would forego altogether. But as we developed, so did our palate. more
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