Verbum Domini
Verbum Domini
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Soon after entering seminary, I visited a friend who was unfamiliar with the faith. Driving in his car, he told me he had a song he wanted me to hear. As it began, I could tell it was a song about Christianity. more
I have a vivid memory of a pop quiz. It was given in the 5th grade. Typical of these quizzes, we were instructed to read everything before beginning. more
Greed is madness. That was the opinion of early Christians. Greed, like delirium, stems from a false perception of reality. The Fathers of the Church marveled at the way men feverishly pursue stones and metals. These are mere earth, but by some derangement of the mind, men attach a value to them far exceeding any sober assessment. more
Moses had a rough go of it. He was caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, there was the all-powerful God, who, though often mysterious, had very clear expectations. On the other hand, there were the people. They were good at pointing out the obvious and complaining. What were they doing in this desert? They were hungry and thirsty. They had plenty of food and drink in Egypt, plenty of fleshpots. Was this supposed to be a rescue? Were they going to survive this liberation? “Is God in our midst or not?” (Ex 17:7). more
We are all familiar with these words, “My name is _____, and I’m an alcoholic.” Whether from movies, television, or real-world experience, we all know something about the recovery of alcoholics. We know that first step is to admit the problem. This is true with all rehabilitation. For any vice or fault in our lives, the road to recovery begins with acknowledging the disorder. more
Every city needs good watchmen. In biblical times, watchmen were stationed in towers, guarding the security of their town. They needed excellent eyes. From their vantage point above they could spot enemies approaching in the distance. They could anticipate enemy movements, their strength of arms, and ready the townspeople with their warnings. More than great eyes, watchmen needed great ears. At night, vision lacking, their security was in their listening. The watchman had to sift through the various sounds of the dark. Was that crack the sound of some nocturnal beast on the prowl or was it the footstep of a foe? Good ears could save lives, even an entire town. more
There’s a saying: “Be careful how you live; you may be the only Bible some person ever reads.” While I understand the point of this saying, I would take it a step further. My hope is that I can live in such a way that people will want to read the Bible, particularly the Gospels. more
Sin makes us shortsighted. It limits our perspective. From the apple in the garden onwards, temptation always proposes something easy, something just within our grasp. The serpent did not tell Eve to take a walk around the garden, think over what he had said, and then decide if she should take the apple. Rather, he spoke to her when she could see it, when it was within reach. Temptation employs what is close at hand. Therefore someone who regularly surrenders to temptation becomes spiritually shortsighted. They gradually lose the ability to foresee the consequences of their actions. They lose the ability to take the long view. more
The elements are raging this Sunday. Elijah is told to stand before the Lord atop Mount Horeb. A heavy wind roars against him, “rending the mountains and crushing rocks.” Then, a mighty earthquake stems from the depths, shaking the ground that supports him. Finally, a fire spins around the mountain, devouring all life it touches. Will it reach Elijah too? Peter has similar troubles in our gospel. He is also called to stand before the Lord, yet not on a mountaintop, but upon water. The waves rise against him and he fears dropping to the deep. Wind, earth, fire and water! The world is falling upon God’s saints. But where is God? more
Learning to read is a great gift. Yet, by itself, reading is a fairly simple skill. It is taught easily to children whose minds are still forming. They learn to associate sounds with symbols and group them to decode a message. Considered for what it is, the act of reading is unremarkable, perhaps little better than a parlor trick. But the potential of reading — the access through time, place, thought and imagination — is breathtaking. Its depths are unfathomable. That elementary link of letter and sound opens the world to us. Once we know how to read, we can never exhaust its treasures. It is the same with Christ. more
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