With wisdom, the door is always open



It is troubling and distressing to witness the rebelling human mindset which says abortion (killing a child) is okay. The only standards of understanding I see there are, arrogance, indifference or ignorance. Arrogant as to believe, they know better than everyone else, this with all the graces bestowed in their lifetimes. Indifference to the screams of children. Ignorant to hide in the dark for a lifetime. Several years back our pastor stated in a homily, “It is God, wisdom, and integrity, in that order not the other way around.” I find the correlate of that statement in a Salve Regina ethics class some years ago and in Proverbs 2:1-9, “The Blessing of Wisdom,” “you will understand what is right and just, what is fair, every good path.” Newadvent.org tells us, The Book of Proverbs “...aim at inculcating wisdom as understood by the Hebrews of old, that is perfection of knowledge showing itself in action, whether in the case of king or peasant, statesman or artisan, philosopher or unlearned.” Our pastor graced us with sound advice of old which adds great comfort, clarity, and direction in anyone’s life. To all those above, “The door is always open.”

Donald J. Cavanaugh, M.A. Humanities, NCBC Bioethics Cert., Warwick