Why do you go to Mass?


To the editor:

Not long ago while at confession, I was asked this question: “Why do you go to Mass?” A simple question, but one I’ve been pondering every day as I kneel in my pew at daily Mass. And so I would like to ask this same question to our brother and sister in Christ, Carol Wilcox and John Gardner, who so “faithfully” write in to this paper to share with us their contempt and criticism not only of the Catholic Church, but now also of the Mass itself. Should we not be giving thanks for the grace of being able to attend Mass not only every Sunday, but also daily? In a time when in many countries this isn’t possible, and our fellow Christians are being persecuted for practicing their faith? Should not our main and only focus at Mass be to worship, honor, and receive our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, in order that we may grow in humility and holiness? So my dear friends in Christ, I ask you: Why do you go to Mass?

Susan Kennedy