Where have our retreat centers gone?



I attend different churches around the diocese. I hear some great homilies and read good things going on in some parishes, but I wonder...where are our retreat centers in Rhode Island? Where can our young children and teenagers go for a day or overnight to “go away and be with Jesus” and have a meaningful experience of Him? Where can adults go to learn how to have a more intimate relationship with Jesus and learn to pray in ways that would help them to stay connected more deeply with God? Where can we go for silent, directed retreats to listen deeply to what God might be saying to us? I have experienced all of this in our diocese since I was a young child in St. Thomas School through adulthood at Our Lady Of Peace. I know it’s expensive to run and upkeep retreat centers but where are our priorities in this diocese? I have even been on retreat in Warwick Neck — why isn’t that place available for retreat work? Other dioceses are providing, why can’t ours? No wonder our churches are empty, one hour a week isn’t enough for any relationship especially with our God. What a shame. I wonder what Jesus thinks about no retreat centers to provide people the opportunity to grow in relationship with Him?

Debbie Notarianni, Ashaway