What works for one student may not work for another



I would like to suggest that the [U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ graphic “Catholic School Advantage”] appearing in the January 26 Catholic Schools Week supplement gives the impression that a child attending public school has the cards stacked against them.

While the statistics supporting Catholic education are very positive, my two sons attended public schools and both are polite and respectful young men. We were very involved parents both at school and in our sons’ faith formation so it was natural that we wanted to send our children to our parish school.

However, when it was clear that the school couldn’t address our eldest son’s dyslexia, we had to make the hard choice of enrolling him in public school.

My point is that we shouldn’t look down on public school students and their parents because there are several good reasons why parents make the choices they do.

What works for one student might not work for another.

Gail Simpson Fisher, Pawtucket