We should be appalled at savage acts in the United States


To the editor:

We are shocked at the images of ISIS savages beheading prisoners, causing mass executions and burning men alive. Our disturbed reaction is a sign that there is still an ounce of compassion left in some of us for victims of raw brutality and injustice.

But before we shake our heads and wag our fingers at their barbarisms, we should eradicate the similar cruelties that are perpetrated regularly in our own country.

Every day thousands of children living in their mothers’ wombs are torn limb from limb in abortion clinics across America. On a typical day when abortions are scheduled, a dozen or more pregnant clients may be prepped awaiting the doctor’s arrival. He then rapidly performs all the procedures in assembly-line fashion. In a saline abortion, a hypertonic salt solution is injected into the woman’s uterus, effectively burning the fetus’s tender skin and lungs which stops his heart.

We are right to be appalled at the infernal actions of those beasts raging under black flags. At the same time we must confess to 42 years of carrying out the same monstrous behaviors while wearing white coats and ties. ISIS? They are us.

David O’Connell

East Providence