We can learn much from Latin American Church in motivating young people in the faith


To the Editor:

Last week’s editorial, “Let Jesus Teach” left us hanging. Should we infer that the writer is advocating abandoning CCD classes altogether? Does Bishop Tobin concur? All catechists agree that parents should attend Mass with their children, but that’s the best of both worlds and it simply doesn’t exist. Consequently, the majority of teachers feel that CCD lessons are certainly more beneficial than the children hearing the name, Jesus, only uttered in anger as an expletive.

I was happily surprised to read that the editorial places much of the blame on the Church, but why is such Mass indifference so prevalent in America. Go to most Latin American countries, or even Aruba, and experience the absolute joy of huge families practically raising the roof of the church with their singing, rhythmic music and expressions of love and adoration of God and each other. Pope Francis lived the Latin American Mass. No wonder his eyes shine with joy. Go to our Mass and if you can find a teenager, watch his or her eyes roll as the lector reads from the Old Testament. Watch as the priest tries to explain the Gospel, especially a parable, instead of immediately tying the gist of the Gospel message to the world children and families face today.

May the Holy Spirit guide us.

Dave Narodowy, North Smithfield