Voters must reverse California court decision


No government and certainly no judge has the power to change the natural order.

Yet history demonstrates that successful attempts have been made by governments to create unjust laws that certainly counter the law of God. Such was the case last week when the California Supreme Court, by a vote of 4-3, declared that the Defense of Marriage Act (Proposition 22) adopted by California voters eight years ago violates the California Constitution. Proposition 22 reaffirmed the traditional definition of marriage and stated that “Only marriage between one man and one woman is valid and recognized in California.”

The Catholic Church recognizes and defends the basic dignity of every man and woman, regardless of sexual orientation. However, the fact that the Defense of Marriage Act failed to recognize a marriage between two persons of the same gender does not violate the basic dignity of the human person. The Defense of Marriage Act merely reflects a biological fact woven into the religious and social fabric of every major society and people from time immemorial. Marriage is based on ancient human values that have evolved over time into a unique and deeply-rooted social, religious and legal institution. The ancient truth about marriage has been confirmed by religious faith but can also be known from natural reason. Therefore, the efforts to enshrine the traditional definition of marriage into law is not an effort of discrimination but rather to protect the common good of our society.

By issuing this decision the California Supreme Court has decided the majority of people of California, the nation and even the world, most especially Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims who view marriage as the union of husband and wife are in the exact position as racists under California law. Fortunately the people in California do not have to accept this disgraceful and far-reaching ruling as they will have chance to vote on a state marriage amendment overturning this ruling on the ballot in November. This outrageous decision in California should cause concern for all Rhode Islanders as local same-sex marriage advocates supported by the local media elites remain relentless in advancing their radical social agenda in the halls of Rhode Island government.