Unilateral disarmament is a bad idea


To the Editor:

What Tony Magliano writes in his “Making a Difference” article in the 10 August R.I. Catholic is basically a call for his unilateral disarmament. The argument seems so simple and loving – if we stop selling weapons, there will be peace and extra money to ‘feed babies’ and other good things.

Those in other lands that long for the freedom and the comfort Tony lives in every day in these United States of America – that was won by use of force and arms, would deny a chance to fight to gain similar freedom and comfort.

There is no mention of why the poor are fighting in other lands. There is no exploration of the possibility that one side in any fighting might be justified to fight!

Those suffering oppressive regimes should be abandoned Tony seems to argue. We could have better cars if we stop trying to help them. Does that point of view reflect a Catholic view?

We are called to feed the poor – wouldn’t it be good if we defend them – or help them defend themselves from murderous oppressors?

Brian Gardner, Jamestown