Trump is giving a voice to a people long ignored



I am a lifelong Catholic and agree with most of what Bishop Tobin writes in his October 19 Without a Doubt column “Living in a Fractured World,” although I believe he has President Trump misidentified. The President is giving voice to a people long ignored. They/we are frustrated. Do you really believe the press is not biased?! Please open your eyes to what is really happening. President Trump is a working man, he is not politically correct and no matter what or how he says anything it is and will be dissected for flaws. He isn’t of the noble elite, i.e., the politicians who feel they know best. It is offensive to many of us when we are told to be strong then we watch Cardinal Dolan smile and enjoy Hillary’s company. Polite we understand, but not enjoy, with her views both on life and the “deplorable” people who did not vote for her. Bishop Tobin you must look at the left for it is from them that come ethno everything, politics, economics, demographics and so on. President Trump is not a racist, he is us!