‘Tis the season to turn thoughts of sorrow into hope for salvation


One of the most frequently uttered sentences during the month of December is this one: “It’s a difficult time of year for me.” This is the case very often for those who have recently experienced the death of a loved one. Their inner pain and emotional distress stand in sharp contrast to the joyful atmosphere and festivities of the season.

However, those in this situation also have a great opportunity. In the midst of their overwhelming sorrow, they have the opportunity to experience the meaning of Christmas more deeply than ever before. Many people think Christmas is about presents and parties and lights. But it’s not. Christmas is about salvation! Christmas is about God becoming man to suffer, die and rise from the dead, so that we might be forgiven for our sins and live forever with him in his kingdom!

Our hope of eternal life is rooted in the incarnation of our Savior. That’s the hope we all should focus on during the Advent and Christmas seasons each year — especially if we have experienced a recent loss. We should take comfort in the hope that our loved one is now (or will soon be) experiencing that glorious and eternal life that Jesus was born into this world on Christmas Day to give us.