Thoughts on Health Care legislation



Just a couple of simple remarks as regards to the Rhode Island Catholic edition dated March 25, 2010.

In reference to the newly enacted Health Care Legislation, your headline entitled "House passes anti life health care measure," was a misplaced attempt to ridicule a very much needed piece of legislation and one that does elicit opinions as to its merits, within the Roman Catholic faith, that are contrary to that of the bishops, i.e. the majority of religious women in this country, as well as other Catholic groups and expert legal opinions as to what is and what is not conveyed in this legislation.

Also, one should be careful not to get too caught up in the rhetoric and personal venom of one's opinion that could have very severe consequences, if pursued to their fullest. I refer to Rev. Pavone's statement in the same article. In his acute frustration he seems to be recommending certain candidates for election in November by stating, "And it's time to prepare for November's elections, so that changes the American people see fit to make can be made."One does not have to be a "Rhode's Scholar" to understand he is telling people how to vote. Speaking as national director of Priests for Life, he should be more careful to avoid speaking as if his group is a political party supporting individual candidates. Certainly, he and his group have every right to express their opinions and views on any subject, but must be careful not to endanger the church's position as a "Religious Non-Profit Organization."

John P. Lynch

North Smithfield