The right to fight for life



In reference to The Bishop's Column, "Without A Doubt" headlined "Not Even a Penny for Abortion" I wish to congratulate our Bishop on clearly presenting our Catholic position on both health care reform and abortion.

As the head of our diocese it was most welcome to read such a well presented presentation of the Catholic Church's most justified position on both these issues. As an old time Catholic, with many young opinions, I humbly encourage our Bishop to continue any future pronouncements on either of these issues in such a straight forward, sound, solid manner and not get into a partisan, political debate that distracts from the very heart and soul of the Church's commitment for health care and pro-life.

There was a beautiful written letter to the editor in today's (Tuesday 1/12/10) secular daily paper, in which a woman diagnosed with "cancer" was in a waiting room waiting to be treated when she noticed on the wall a chart showing the development of an embryo to a fetus, to an infant, who at day 22 had a heart beating.

She then began to think that, I am going to receive all the possible examinations, treatments to save my life, but who is going to protect that child if it were subject to being aborted. She finished by saying that she had the right to fight for her life but the child didn't. How egotistical!

I have no idea what religion, if any, this woman has, but we Catholics should thank her for her beautiful, simple, but truly remarkable and edifying letter.

John P. Lynch

North Smithfield