The Ocean State has rejected God



Legislation against the nature and dignity of marriage was a devastating loss for Rhode Island, and in particular, East Providence, where residents suffered betrayal by elected leaders and some fellow Catholics who abused our trust by advancing same-sex "marriage" in our name, even as we gathered in defense of faith, family, and reason.

The immediate aftermath of the redefinition of marriage has been grief, anger, and disorientation, loss of confidence in our government, and anxiety about the future.

For those of us who harbored hope for Rhode Island, a sense of homelessness, now that our state has rejected God, has filled us with sorrow. Now, as the tears dry, as anger is confessed and forgiven, as we struggle to regain our footing, two questions remain for me: "Why?” and "What now?"

Still, it is Easter, and we are called to celebrate, even though we have lost a battle that many (though not enough) of us have fought long and hard. What could the Lord possibly have in mind? Pondering the apparent conflict of season and circumstance, I noticed that our fine and faithful bishop and priests, offering the perfect sacrifice of the Mass for us (and most poignantly for those who have betrayed the truth) shine even more today than yesterday. In their service of love, they resemble Jesus as never before! What a great vision of light!

Joanne Ciocys