The diocese was not there for us at St. Leo’s


To the Editor:

Now that the fight to save our school [St. Leo the Great] is over, the disappointment, sadness, and anger sets in. I’m disappointed in the parents that could re-register but didn’t at our school. The sadness that such a great school that has so much to offer is closing.

I am finding it difficult to find another Catholic school that can offer as much as St. Leo’s: the teacher ratio to students, the after school clubs, the mannerism of the faculty, etc.

The anger at the Providence Diocese is building up for me. How can they tell us in December of 2007 that we need more enrollment and you only have two months to do it? Why not one more school year to bring up the enrollment? Were we set up for a fall?

I feel that the faculty, staff, and the students were abandoned by the diocese. After all this, how many other people are questioning their faith and dedication. Do I really need to donate more money on Sundays to the diocese when I know that they were not there for us?

I feel that the diocese is not pushing for Catholic education, that Catholic education is not important to them anymore. This makes me extremely frustrated and sad.

Helen Connors