The devil has been very busy in our world


To the editor:

Ever since Adam and Eve, the devil has been preying upon the human race to sow evil. Today may not be any worse than years past. But we live in the present and have to deal with what is happening today.

There is no doubt that the devil has been very busy. There is so much evil within our country and the rest of the world. The media outlets have made that well known to us. The list of evil acts that have been committed is extensive.

To concentrate on the terrorist aspect, the killings of prisoners and civilian populations, the beheading of those working to report those activities and even those giving aid to those in need of assistance in far off lands of Asia, the Middle East and Africa, can only be classified as cold blooded acts of murder. All are cruel evil acts against humanity and God’s commandment: Thou shalt not kill.

Military action might be a necessity to subdue the terrorist leadership. But there is always another devil worker to act as a replacement. Will it take 50,000 smart bombs to overcome the “workers” that the devil has recruited to do his evil deeds?

Leaders of governments, local or national, need to speak out and convince these “terrorists” that they need to break away from this path of evil. These activities are the work and doings of the devil.

Religious leaders of all faiths have to preach out against these terrorist activities. They have to state that their God does not wish his children to take the lives of others

We as a people have to pray for peace and holiness.

Peter Moniz