The bigots who want to silence those who support marriage


The Grove Mall in Los Angeles recently banned famous Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao, for his statements in support of traditional marriage.

The management of the mall, a popular gathering place for Hollywood’s elite, complained that Pacquiao was no longer welcome to the shopping center because the Grove is “not a place for intolerance.” A Massachusetts Catholic church received threats of arson and messages of hate after they posted a sign in support of traditional marriage. In a letter to the editor, the president of Bishop Hendricken High School wrote in opposition to President Obama’s recent statement against marriage in the United States. He became the target of the radical gay activists and the subject of hate speech attacking the Catholic faith. So much for tolerance from those proclaiming “tolerance.”

This is simply the latest in the attempt by the proponents of homosexual marriage to not only silence those who support one man and one woman marriage but to vilify and castigate them as bigoted agents of intolerance. The very same people who repeat the rallying cry of tolerance and acceptance apparently cannot tolerate a diversity of opinion on the subject of marriage. Their intolerance at times takes on an almost violent and venomous tone when directed at the leaders and members of the Catholic Church. Those who so often cry out against bullying and intimation of homosexuals find in their own community those who attack and bully people of faith who dare to publically declare their support of traditional marriage.

Same-sex marriage advocates who seek to radically redefine the sacred institution of marriage have almost made an art form of describing their opponents as hateful bigots. However, we know that the majority of Americans in more than 30 states who have rejected efforts to legalize homosexual marriage are not bigots. We are certain that the majority of people of faith in every major religion the world over are not led by hatred or intolerance in their firm belief that God has made marriage a sacred union of one man and one woman. The truth that God created marriage between one man and one woman is not founded on hate, but upon love. This truth about marriage is supported by people of deep and authentic faith; not a bunch of bigots.

It is clear that the actual agents of bigotry are those who would ban a boxer from a mall for believing that authentic marriage can only be between one man and one woman. It is rather certain that the popular purveyors of true prejudice are those who would target a Catholic parish with threats of arson and leaved hateful messages merely because the parish proclaims the ancient truth about marriage. It is also true that the intolerant are really those who would wage an internet attack of venom and hate speech against a Catholic school administrator for publically supporting the teachings of his church.

Tolerance and acceptance may be talking points for those who seek to redefine marriage. However, this “tolerant” band of extremists usually fails to practice what they preach when it comes to people of faith who do not conform to their radical views of marriage and sexuality.