Support for Catholic Charity Appeal needed even more today


Through your generous support, the Catholic Church in Rhode Island provides for those in the greatest of need through the Catholic Charity Appeal.

In 1925. Bishop William Hickey, the Bishop of Providence, established the Appeal to support the good works of the Catholic Church in Rhode Island. Today, the Appeal supports 39 charitable ministries and programs of the Diocese of Providence that provide social, educational and spiritual support to those in need. The services offered by these ministries assist more than 200,000 Rhode Islanders each year regardless of race, creed or background.

During this season of Lent, parishes across the diocese call upon Catholics to pledge their support so these many good works can continue to provide the necessary assistance, care and aid to the needy in our state. This support includes heating assistance, food assistance and tuition assistance to those families who desire a Catholic education for their children yet cannot afford such a gift, and much more.

Support for the Catholic Charity Appeal is responding to God’s call with faith as so many have for nearly a century. Each year the Appeal calls Catholics to look beyond their own parish boundaries and reach out in faith and with generous love to a stranger in need. The many agencies of our local church daily provide assistance, support and help, but also daily make present the Lord himself with their compassion and care, their faith and love.

The need is even greater this year as Rhode Island leads the nation in unemployment and poverty rates continue to climb in our state.

When Bishop Hickey established the Appeal, he did know that the Great Depression would envelope the world just four short years later. However, even during the 1930’s Catholics, many of them struggling themselves, sacrificed to support the good works of the diocese and parishes reached and even surpassed their goals in support of the Appeal, even at the height of the Depression.

This year in the midst of economic uncertainty, we are again called upon to support the Appeal with the same faith and enthusiasm as when it was established 88 years ago. In one of his annual messages to the church for Lent, Benedict, Pope Emeritus, stated: “Our hearts should never be so wrapped up in our affairs and problems that we fail to hear the cry of the poor. Humbleness of heart and the personal experience of suffering can awaken within us a sense of compassion and charity.” We hope and pray that across the Ocean State Catholics and others of good will might truly hear the cry of the poor and awaken their sense of compassion and charity in support of the Catholic Charity Appeal. We urge you to please pledge your gift today at www.providencediocese.org/catholic-charity-appeal/donate