St. Philomena: A fond farewell


PORTSMOUTH—St. Philomena School is proud to announce that the following students, who are listed with the name of the high school each will attend, are members of the Class of 2010. They graduated from the eighth grade on Friday, June 11 in a ceremony held at the school:

William Allcock (Moses Brown)*

Molly Anthony (LaSalle Academy)

Christopher Breen (LaSalle Academy)*

Maura Fennessey (Bishop Connolly)*

Brianna Bouchard (Tiverton High)

Abigail Byrne (Portsmouth Abbey)*

Bailey Crespi (Coyle & Cassidy)

William Daly (Tabor Academy)

Victoria Eno (The Prout School)

Maura Fennessey (Bishop Connolly)

Matthew Fonts (Portsmouth Abbey)*

Michael Galuska (Bishop Stang)*

Robert Galvin (MET East Bay)

Miguel Gonzalez (Portsmouth High)*

Ryan Goulart (Portsmouth High)*

Alexandra Hilton (Providence Country Day)

Benjamin Hood (Portsmouth High)*

Benjamin Lescault (Bishop Stang)

Hugh MacGillivray (Portsmouth Abbey)*

Justin Matrone (Bishop Hendricken)*

Patrick McGovern (Bishop Stang)

Katherine Medley (Portsmouth High)

David O’Connell (Beacon Charter)

Margaret O’Connor (St. George’s) *

Gabrielle Paquette (Bishop Stang)*

Elizabeth Paradis (St. Mary Academy-Bay View)*

Bailey Partridge (Providence Country Day)*

Campbell Peck (The Prout School)

Zachary Pichette (LaSalle Academy)

Jessica Pitocco (Wheeler)*

Sarah Popham (Mt. Hope High)

Amanda Powell The Prout School)

John Rego (Bishop Stang)

Charlotte Roos (The Prout School)*

Caroline Roughneen (Bishop Stang)*

Hannah Scanlon (Bishop Stang)*

Gabrielle Simmons (The Prout School)

Brendan Smith (Bishop Stang)

Cori Sullivan (St. Mary Academy-Bay View)*

Nicholas Sullivan (Undecided)

Ian Taylor (Moses Brown)*

Trevor Torres (LaSalle Academy)

Alia Trefrey (St. Mary Academy-Bay View)*

Hannah Ungerer (The Prout School)

Gabby Vaillancourt (St. Mary Academy-Bay View)

Haley White (Bishop Stang)*

Twenty-three of these students received awards for their academic endeavors. Honoring student achievement and hard work is the purpose of the President’s Education Awards Program. Since 1983, the program has provided individual recognition from the President and the U.S. Secretary of Education to those students whose outstanding efforts have enabled them to meet challenging standards of excellence.There are two categories. The President’s Award for Educational Excellence* requires that student’s earn a grade point average of 90 or above for grades 4 through 8 and high achievement in reading and mathematics on state tests or nationally normed tests. The recipients of that award are designated by an asterisk.* The President’s Award for Achievement** is given at the principal’s discretion to a student who has demonstrated an unusual commitment to learning and intellectual development. Molly Anthony of Swansea, MA received that award this year.