Savage bullying of Christians unacceptable


Many theaters are currently screening the controversial documentary "Bully" which depicts the devastating effect taunting and harassment by classmates can have on young people.

It is clear that bullying in our schools and among our young people is an extremely serious problem in our nation. It seems to becoming a widespread epidemic as school children are bullied, harassed or attack in person and through social media. Far from harmless name-calling, this type of bullying can lead to violence and sadly, even suicide, among the youth of our nation.

Invited to address nearly 3,000 student-journalists about how they might use journalism to positively curb bullying Dan Savage, the gay activist and explicit sex advice columnist known for his “It Gets Better” campaign to prevent bullying of gay youth began his talk with profanity and explicit language as he ranted about the Bible and attacked an array of religious beliefs. Many students were offended and began to walk out of the talk when, in a moment of sheer irony, Savage himself suddenly began to taunt them with offensive and intolerant name calling.

Savage is credited by many, including President Barack Obama, for his work addressing bullying among gay youths. His recent antics indicate that he - like many other gay activists both nationally and locally in Rhode Island - are highly intolerant of people of religious faith, especially Catholics and other Christians. The bullying of Christians is not new but has existed since the Roman persecution of the early church. However, this new form of persecution is extremely sinister as it cloaks its contempt and hatred of Christians under the guise of freedom and tolerance of all people.

Savage’s outrageous and offensive remarks reveal the reality of the deep hatred and insidious intolerance of those who promote the radical gay agenda to redefine marriage, disestablish traditional family life and attack religious freedom in the name of acceptance, equality and tolerance. Like the Pagan Romans before him, Savage’s attacks upon Christians often plays well to the crowd but his hateful venom spewed at Christians in the name of tolerance must be rejected by all who dare to speak of open-mindedness.

There is no place for the bullying of gay youths in our society just as there should be no place for bullying of Christian youths either. Savage should be ashamed of his hateful bullying of students who disagree with this radical attack on religious faith and should be exposed for his double standard when it comes to true tolerance. Yes, bullying of gay youths is wrong. In fact, bullying of anyone is wrong. It is unacceptable in our schools but also it is unacceptable in every segment of our society including even from among those who claim to be agents of tolerance and acceptance. Savage and his allies should practice what they preach and stop the savage and severe bullying of Christians. Until they become truly tolerant, it cannot and will not get better for our society and nation.