'Same-sex' marriage rejected and unwanted by majority of Americans


Last Thursday’s rejection of homosexual marriage by the New Jersey State Senate follows similar victories for traditional marriage in Maine and New York.

The myth promoted by the homosexual marriage movement that the redefinition of marriage is inevitable has been decisively destroyed. It was clear that New Jersey lawmakers were not pleased with the homosexual marriage proponent’s desperate move to pass a bill during the lame duck session and in the midst of an economic crisis.

The effort to protect and preserve marriage in New Jersey was led by a coalition of religious leaders including Archbishop John Myers of Newark who were not only courageous but steadfast in their support of the sacrament of marriage. The homosexual marriage organization drew millions of dollars of support from across the state of New Jersey and nation but garnered little support from a State Senate more concerned with the state’s struggling economy and rising unemployment numbers. The decisive vote in New Jersey is not an act of bigotry nor an attack on “civil rights” rather it proves that the arguments for redefining marriage are not only illogical but also unacceptable to reasonable people.

Thirty-two states have now rejected and repudiated the radical social experiment of homosexual marriage. New Jersey’s victory is also Rhode Island’s victory, for it is a clarion call to the members of the Rhode Island General Assembly and candidates for political office in the Ocean State, that homosexual marriage is not inevitable but rather unwelcomed and unwanted by the majority of Americans including Rhode Islanders.