Saint Script shop inspired by the holy men and women who have gone before us


PROVIDENCE — With a brushstroke, Ali Towle, 27, is inspiring people around the country with her gift. Encouraged to combine her love for her faith with her art after reading St. Pope John Paul II’s “Letter to Artists,” she knew she was “created to create.”
Towle is the owner and artist of Saint Script, an online shop with a foundation in faith. The shop offers one-of-a-kind-prints, notecards and prayer cards. Many of the original watercolor paintings include homages to saints, floral bouquets, a Christmas collection highlighting the Holy Family and more. Each design showcases the legacy of the saints with beautiful, grace-filled simplicity.
She shared that she is drawn to the lives of saints who have pioneered a path of love and holiness. Through her art, she has had an opportunity to learn more about them and their impact on the world.
“I am always inspired by the diversity of the communion of saints, how they are each so different from one another, but how they all have one thing in common; their love for Christ and his bride, the Church. Learning about their lives in order to depict them in an accurate and symbolic way has inspired me to dive deeper into my faith and foster my own intimate relationship with Christ.”
The saints have always been a way for Towle to see faith lived out in a tangible and authentic way.
“The saints were humans just like us who had various struggles throughout their lives. This makes them incredibly relatable. By sharing their lives with others we are able to show that living a life for Christ is attainable for everyone.”
A wife and a brand new mom, Towle shared that her family has been incredibly supportive of her business.
“My husband, Eli, encouraged me to take my art full-time. He knows that it’s what I am most passionate about. He often helps me package orders!”
And her customers love the quality of her work, thousands of which have ordered Christmas cards, given baptismal gifts, and even ordered prints to decorate nurseries.
“To me, they are more like a community than anything. In my life, I often didn’t have other passionate Catholic friends and my customers have really stepped in to show me that the Catholic Church is very alive and thriving.”

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