Saint of the Month subscription box filled to the brim with unique gifts, goals for growing in faith


PROVIDENCE — The saints have always been a part of Patrick Pulis’ Catholic faith and he’s found there’s no better way to grow in that faith than to celebrate the heroes who have been a witness of Christ’s love in the world.
Pulis is the creator of Saint of the Month, a Colorado-based business featuring subscription boxes that he and his wife curate together and ship out monthly to individuals around the world.
“It’s much more than a box with gifts,” he said. “Each gift is personalized and has a slip of paper that tells you the goal to work on for that week. The goals can be as simple as reciting a prayer that the saint prayed often to doing a good deed for someone just like the saint did themselves. These goals challenge our customers to grow in their faith and start to think about taking their faith to the next level. These goals are what makes our box a faith journey with a personal touch.”
Customer Monica Lopez began with a one-time box and is now a monthly subscriber.
“My first box was St. Ignatius and one of the gifts was a DVD on the saint’s life. It was a movie that provoked a deeper look into my own spiritual life — that’s the goal of this box,” said Lopez. “It isn’t just to receive gifts, it goes further than that. Its ultimate goal is to create a stronger relationship with God through his saints. I have even bought a year subscription for my father as a gift. This is a wonderful find and a blessing.”
Shelley Lill who purchased the box for her daughters, shared that they all love learning about the saints each month.
“I have overheard them sharing facts about her life with one another,” she said. “More importantly, I’ve heard them sharing with their peers. I love that they have this available to them to learn about the lives of the saints and have the chance to see them as positive role models.”
Pulis is grateful and humbled that this ministry is touching so many lives.
“I put my whole being in this work so much that it becomes a part of who I am and to hear people love it so much makes me so thankful to God for me being a part of it. I have personally started reaching out to our customers and have even had many phone conversations about the faith and how the saints have impacted their lives. It is so great to hear their voices behind the names that I place on boxes when I ship them out. After those conversations I get refueled in working Saint of the Month. I have always been a creative person and Saint of the Month has challenged me and my faith in ways I would have never known.”

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