R.I.’s Congressional delegation needs to be replaced



I just had to write after reading of the votes of Senators Reed and Whitehouse and earlier of Rep. Langevin and Cicilline on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which would have banned all abortions after 20 weeks in the entire country. Scientists proved decades ago that the pain preceptors of the unborn baby at this stage and up to delivery cause the child more excruciating pain during any abortion procedure than we would feel. These same four leaders complain ad nauseum about the horrors of waterboarding terrorists but apparently have no problem with abortion procedures which torture an innocent, defenseless tiny human being in such an inhumane way. Shame on them!

We need to take a long, hard, close look at the values of people we elect…what do they stand for? I do not understand how Rhode Island’s Catholics continue to elect these four men who continually betray all that we stand for by their extreme pro-abortion positions. They have been told that we are one of only seven countries in the entire world that still allow abortion after 20 weeks! The other six who allow late term abortion are North Korea, China, Singapore, the Netherlands, Vietnam and Canada. We should be ashamed to be aligned with the human rights abuses in these countries.

Our four Congressional leaders are also completely out of step with us, the American people. Their continual votes to fund Planned Parenthood reveal where their allegiance lies and it is not with the people of R.I., and especially R.I.’s Catholics. All major recent polls prove that 63 percent or more of Americans want all abortions banned and an even higher percentage of Americans want abortion illegal after the first 12 weeks. To date, these four have voted to give Planned Parenthood more than $500 million of our tax dollars under the guise that they provide health services to women. We weren’t born yesterday. It is all too clear that they have been bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood, a major provider of abortion. There are hundreds of other medical agencies to provide for women’s health who do not provide abortions. We strongly object to one penny of our tax dollars being used to kill innocent human beings. What are we, the voters, going to do about it? We deserve elected leaders who truly care about us. Our entire Congressional delegation has failed us on all counts. It’s time to replace them with leaders who truly represent us.

Maria Parker, Westerly