Prout’s Class of 2010 known for generosity, service

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KINGSTON—The sounds of enthusiastic applause and “Pomp and Circumstance” filled the Ryan Center at the University of Rhode Island on June 8 when The Prout School held its 42nd annual commencement exercises.

Bishop Robert C. Evans presented the diplomas to the 156 members of the Class of 2010. The graduating class will always be remembered at Prout for their generous school spirit and commitment to bettering the lives of others by performing community service throughout South County and Aquidneck Island.

"The Class of 2010 has been a a remarkable class," observed Gary N. Delneo, principal of the Wakefield school. He added that the graduates developed a strong bond that resulted in many wonderful friendships.

"That's been recognized by all the faculty and staff," he added. "They are talented young men and women and their attitude throughout the past four years indicates their future success."

Valedictorian Isabelle Brogna reminded her classmates to think of the transition from high school to new endeavors as a "new chance to discover more about ourselves, our world and each other.”

"Graduation is a milestone, a moment after which we are expected to take on more responsibility for ourselves," she said. "Becoming independent doesn't mean keeping isolated, though, or hiding away. Remember that in order to continue our growth, we must stay open to the influence of everyone around us, like a plant that can only live as long as the sun shines. We need constant stimuli. So keep trying new things, and stay away from turning life into a routine — that's only for tired people who forget the new feeling so connected with being young. The more connections we make and the more accepting we are of each other in our own lives, the better a place this world can be."

Mark Mathieu, the class salutatorian, told the graduates that "success is like a ladder.”

"But not just any ladder," he continued. "It's not finite and confining like the ones you see at Home Depot. It doesn't come pre-assembled and ready to climb. Each of us spends our entire life building this ladder. ... Each decision and minor battle in life offers us a chance to add a rung to our ladder. Every rung represents a fragment of success, and over time, these rungs create a higher ladder, reflecting a lifetime of success. ....

"You can't measure success by numbers on a paycheck or compare it like grades on a test," Mathieu said. It can't be achieved in a moment like victory in a fierce game of Monopoly. Success is not a tangible moment, but a culmination of a lifetime of events and decisions."

Peyton Albanese, who will attend the University of New England in the fall, described her two years at Prout as a "great experience" that "was full of opportunities."

Classmate Daniel Shields agreed.

"I enjoyed it immensely," he emphasized.

“It was challenging, rewarding and at times even a little surprising. It was a very good four years.


Kayla Mairead Abbate *^

Peyton Jessica Albanese ^

Michael Kenneth Avarista ^

Jiray Gregory Avedisian +*^

Robert E. Barella *^

Bruce Peter Beauchamp

Cailley Anne Beaulieu

Anthony Renato Bellafiore +*^

Matthew B. Beltz ^

Frank Bianco IV

Ashley Kate Bishop ^

Patrick John Blainey ^

Jacqueline Michelle Boivin +*^

Anne Marie Bolan +*^

Richard Thomas Boulet +*^

Isabelle Angela Brogna #+*^

Katharine Emily Brough ^

Caroline Melissa Burns *^

Jessica Haley Cabral *^

Nicholas Joseph Calderone

Casey King Chapman ^

Nicole Justine Chevrette *^

Lauren Cocci

John Paul Colasante

AnnMarie Connelly +*^

Ryan D. Coogan ^

Erin Eileen Cooney +*^

Justin Coutu *^

Stefan Joseph Cox ^

Amy R. Cripps +*^

Catherine Michelle D'Angelo +*^

Brianna Marie Deming #+*^

Gregory F. Desnoyers

Molly Marie Devine +*^

August John Edick ^

Scott Michael Ferrigno *^

Katelyn Jane Flaherty +*^

Ian Michael Fogarty +*

Sarah C. Frazier +*^

Caitlin Marie Fugere *^

Marc James Gabriele ^

Michael Anthony Gabriele

Kyle Daniel Gardiner +*^

Alexandra Kelli Gibbons +*^

Brian J. Gilman *^

Sofia E. Gineo +*^

Matthew Good ^

Samantha Marie Gosper +*^

Michael Greco *^

Jessica Ann Guglielmetti ^

Hung Tu Ha ^

Jacob James Hall ^

Lauren Allison Hanna ^

Devlin E. Healey #+*^

Renée C. Heitman +*^

Nicole Renée Herron ^

Benjamin Nash Hilton

Kyle Joseph Hollenbeck *^

Daniel Paul Hooper ^

Marissa Lee Hopkins +*^

David Matthew Horsfield

Adele Virginia Huffine +*^

J. Patrick Hughes IV *

Stephen J. Hunt *^

Craig Michael Irving +*^

Anthony Louis Irwin *^

Gianna Mia Izzo *^

Cody Lee Jenkins ^

Courtney Elizabeth Jennings +*^

David A. Johnson +*^

Natalie Maria Joseph *^

Edward Louis Kammerer *^

Lindsay Blair Korsen *^

Marie Patricia LaBossiere +*^

Amanda Noele Lackie *^

Melissa Kate Lamendola +*^

Lucia S. Lee +*^

Kaitlynn Ruth Leonard ^

Andrew Wilfred L'Esperance *^

Thomas Drury Lockwood +*^

David C. Maar ^

Nicholas E. Marasco

Malari E. Martin ^

Bridgette A. Mason +*^

Mark Jonathan Mathieu +*^

Caitlin M. McCarthy #+*^

Meena M. McGowan +*^

Elisa Melegari +*^

Neal Francis Mercier +*^

Alexandra Elisabeth Meyer *^

Nicole Daly Millick +*^

Conor Robert Mitchell

Sarah Rae Moffitt #+*^

Jessica Lynn Moore #+*^

Stacey Rose Moskwa +*^

Matthew R. Muto *^

Kaitlyn M. Nanartowich +*^

Stefan Elias Nassaney +*^

Tegan Anne Nelson +*^

Sarah Michelle Noonan *^

Amanda Marie Notarianni *^

James Michael O'Connor *^

Olatokunbo Elizabeth Onabanjo +*^

Kara Ann O'Rourke ^

Jeffrey Francis Orszulak +*^

Michael J. Parente

Lauren Marie Pasquazzi *

Nicole Ashley Peacock +*^

Nicholas J. Pellegrino *

Stephanie Eileen Plotkin +*^

Nicole Marie Poccia *

Lydia Bethea Pollard #+*^

Nicole C. Quaranto *^

Olivia C. Radiches +*^

Kristen A. Rameika ^

Jennie R. Rametta +*^

Cassondra Ray Richards +*^

Thomas Michael Rivera +*^

Jordan Marie Rossi +*^

Alexandra Mireille Rothstein *^

Claire Ruth Sampson +*^

Thomas Albert Scartabello *^

Cameron R. Schneck

Keely Shea Scowcroft +*^

Christian Gregory Scungio ^

Timothy Howard Sebring #+*^

Chelsie J. Seguin +*^

Thomas Michael Senerchia +*^

Johnna Alise Serydynski +*^

Alexa Lynn Shanahan +*^

Daniel J. Shields +*^

Michaela Christine Skerry ^

Janine Marie Squillante ^

Jacqueline Jeanne d'Arc St. Onge #+*^

Angelina Margaret Storti +*^

Robert W. Stout +*^

Joseph E. Sullivan +*^

Paige Elizabeth Sullivan ^

Dianne Michelle Thacher *^

Eliza Beth Thomas +*

Mark Edward Thompson, Jr.

Megan Ann Walsh +*^

Michael C. Webb +*^

Kellie Ann Welsh +*

Morgan Rose Whaley +*^

Loren White *^

Joanne Marie Wilkens +*^

Casey Elizabeth Williams +*^

Paige Lee Williams *

Sandra Michelle Winter

Danielle Nicole Woods +*^

Stephen D. Yates *^

Jisun Yoo *^

Makayla Lynn Yuro ^

Ashley Nicole Zambrano ^

Nicholas Paul Anthony Zonfrillo +*^

+ National Honor Society

* Rhode Island Honor Society

^ Scholarship Recipient

# IB Diploma Candidate