Promoting fear over love pushes our planet further out of balance



After reading the editorial last week, “Socialism and the New Green Dictatorship,” I was horrified to read this in the R.I. Catholic. I am an active member of the parish I belong to.
Has the writer of this editorial not read “Laudato si’”, that Pope Francis wrote?
We are asked to tithe and to promote social programs. How can the writer assume that the young people are wrong in this and suspect their motivations? Maybe they are informed of all the scientific info that is out there on the climate situation and just want a chance to live a good life beyond 2050? With promoting these ideas, the newspaper is alienating again the young people we need to keep the Catholic Church alive in the next period of time.
I see the recent cataclysmic events as a warning to us that something is wrong with the balance of the planet. We have not always been good stewards of this planet and we must step up to the challenge before it is too late! I see this as a “pro-life” issue that affects the whole world! The poor nations and populations around the world have already begun to see the effects of this climate emergency with droughts, dwindling water supply and inability to grow crops to feed themselves.

Jeannine Giguere-Gagnon, Woonsocket