Pro-lifers unite in condemning murder


The killing of Dr. George Tiller last Sunday as he entered his church has been rightly condemned by Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia, chairman of the bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities.

The pro-life movement is dedicated to protecting all human life, including the life of George Tiller. While Dr. Tiller had been the center of controversy because of his notorious practice of late-term abortion, killing him can never be justified and has been rightly condemned.

The pro-life movement stands against all destruction of human life as it advocates the protection of all human life from natural conception until natural death. The culture of life can never be built upon killing and the cowardly assassination of Dr. Tiller is not only unacceptable but counter to all that the pro-life movement bears witness to in a culture of death. Respect for all human life must be universal and include even the Dr. Tillers of our world. His life is as precious as the life of any unborn baby in a mother’s womb.

Abortion and murder are both morally unacceptable and pro-life Americans have peacefully bore witness to the respect for all life through sidewalk counseling, education, legislative efforts and prayerful protests. The taking of any human life through violence and murders cannot be accepted nor condoned by anyone who claims the title “pro-life.”

Therefore, we join with Cardinal Rigali in denouncing this senseless act of violence and renew once again the call for an end to all forms of violence in our culture including murder and abortion. The culture of life can never be built upon violence and murder, but rather the peaceful enactment of protection of all human life.