Pope Saint John XXIII's Vatican II left legacy of more questions than answers


To the Editor:

In response to John Yeamen’s letter to the editor on Saint John XXIII (Oct. 22 “Pope John XXIII led the Church to a new and needed vision”), I could not remain silent any longer. I will not state that Saint John XXIII only performed one documented miracle and should not have been beautified by Pope Francis. What I will say is being the Pope who started Vatican II should have been enough to disqualify him from sainthood.

Mr. Yeamen’s description of the Second Vatican consul as “an open window letting the fresh air in” is anathema. Vatican II has only confused the Catholic populace over the last 50 years with its break from “Truth” and “Tradition.” The Liturgy of the Mass was changed and “Protestantized,” Communion in the hand was introduced; losing the dogma of “outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation,” was changed to an ecumenical nightmare where the Roman Catholic Church is just another religion. What is more disheartening is the clergy’s obsession to cultivate the utopia of a “civilization of love” rather than trying to “save souls” as our Virgin Mother proclaimed in her Fatima message.

All through Vatican II we hear the words “modernity, equality, compassion, liberty, brotherhood, dignity of man.” All great words when used properly, but in the context of Vatican II’s pastoral message, they could be interpreted by progressive sorts for a new “One World Order.” Man cannot outgrow God because he thinks he is God. Pope Paul the VI, after finalizing Vatican II, recognized this in his 1972 speech proclaiming, “the smoke of Satan” had penetrated “the temple of God.” I did not hear anything about “fresh air.”

Raymond Ciarleglio, Wakefield