Peyton’s Perseverance


It’s here again, the most popular unofficial “holiday” of the year: Super Bowl Sunday. Whether or not you are a football fan, there’s a good chance that you may be watching the game or at least be attending a Super Bowl party.

This year is unique because Peyton Manning has the chance to become the first starting quarterback to win two Super Bowls with two different NFL teams. Regardless of who your favorite NFL team is or whatever team you are rooting for in the Super Bowl, it’s hard not to be impressed by Peyton Manning’s perseverance.

In 2011, he underwent serious neck surgery. Many players would have called it quits after that. However, in 2012 he signed with the Denver Broncos. But this current season was a record-breaking one for Manning: he broke the single season record for most touchdown passes (55) and most passing yards (5,477), leading his Broncos to the big game this Sunday.

There’s a spiritual lesson that we can learn from Peyton Manning’s perseverance. In living the Christian life, we can experience setbacks. There may be times of personal difficulty in our faith journey or even times when we fall from God’s grace through serious sin. However, God’s will for us is always to persevere, to keep moving forward in faith and courage. The Lord always wants us—and helps us—to begin again.

Peyton Manning is a great example of perseverance in life and football. His example can inspire us to be examples of perseverance in the life of faith.