October: The Month of the Rosary


The month of October is traditionally dedicated to the rosary. On October 7, the Church throughout the world celebrates the memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary. This feast recalls the sixteenth century military victory at the Battle of Lepanto through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This month is a reminder of the importance of the rosary in Christian life.

Devotion to the Mother of God is not an optional add-on to Catholic piety. Love of Mary is an indispensable piece of a Catholic’s prayer life. For many centuries popes have encouraged even the daily recitation of the rosary. How much would American life change if the Catholic people once again embraced the rosary, especially in the family?

In praying the rosary, Catholics contemplate the life of Christ through the eyes of Mary. The events of Jesus’ life are recalled in each of the mysteries of the rosary. They are prayed with Mary who knows Jesus better and loves Him more deeply than anyone. Each mystery of the rosary points to a virtue of Christian life. For example, Catholics meditate upon the humility of Mary to accept God’s will at the annunciation or value of simplicity in the poverty at our Lord’s nativity.

This October should be for the people of Providence an occasion to renew their devotion to the Mother of God and once again to take up the rosary.