Notre Dame University and ‘Tidbits’



So Bishop Tobin won’t be “writing any letters of recommendation for anyone applying for Notre Dame any time soon. Or Georgetown either, for that matter.” (Without a Doubt Tidbits, June 19)

How Small! Spitefulness is so unbecoming a man of the bishop’s rank and position. After all, his beef should be with Fr. Jenkins who issued the invitation to the president to speak at ND’s commencement and award him an honorary degree, not the university.

The irony is, of course, that long after Bishop Tobin and Fr. Jenkins have faded from the scene, and the President’s speech at Notre Dame and the attending controversy all but forgotten, Notre Dame will still be America’s premier Catholic university attracting the best quarterbacks and the brightest young people of all faiths to its campus.

If there’s any doubt about that, this recent news item should end that debate: “Notre Dame announced Monday (6/22) it has raised $1.54 billion as part o f its "Spirit of Notre Dame" campaign, reaching that goal with two years remaining in the fund campaign.” My guess is that the Georgetown alumni will continue to be pretty generous also.

Henry E. Miller

Youngstown, Ohio