Notre Dame Mass airs on CatholicTV


The Mass at Sacred Heart Basilica on the Notre Dame campus can now be seen on CatholicTV.

The Basilica has stained glass windows from the 1800s and a 218-foot tower. The church includes relics of the True Cross, the apostles, many saints and the veil and belt of the Blessed Virgin.

The Mass itself is produced by students and features beautiful shots of the high ceilings and murals. Also featured is the 70-person Notre Dame liturgical choir led by renowned organist Gail Walton.

The 10 a.m. Sunday Mass is televised live weekly on CatholicTV on Comcast, Full Channel, Verizon, and Sky Angel cable and IPTV carriers.

The Mass, and all CatholicTV programming, is also available online at It will be streamed live at the broadband site at 10 a.m. every Sunday and is archived online.