‘No Waste Week’ at Monsignor Clarke School


WAKEFIELD — Thanks to the generosity of former Monsignor Clarke teacher Jeanne LaBelle, Monsignor Clarke School in Wakefield is one of two schools in Rhode Island to initiate a composting program with Rhodeside Revival. LaBelle is leading the school to heed the call to "Care for God's Creation" by not only offering to pay for the first year, but also by volunteering during each lunch as the school adjusts to this new waste management program.

"It has been clear to us that students are being very wasteful as evidenced by full sandwiches and whole pieces of fruit being thrown into this bin," said school religion teacher Elizabeth Wessman.

In honor of the Saint Francis of Assisi’s Feast Day on October 4, the school took part in a “No Waste Week” held from Sept. 30 - Oct. 4. Instead of students disposing of uneaten food they will be bringing it home. This will allow families to have meaningful discussions and to make plans to decrease wasting food. Families are also encouraged to consider having Rhodeside Revival come to their homes.